Appointments are available in Salisbury and Ringwood.

To book an appointment call 07968 169064 or send me an email.

The first consultation

The first consultation usually last up to 90 minutes. A relaxed and confidential space is provided for you to talk about your health concerns and how you are. I will spend time listening and take a thorough case history. I will ask questions about your current and past medical history, present medications, lifestyle, diet and emotional well-being. This all helps to build up a picture of your individual needs. If required, clinical examinations may be carried out including a blood pressure check.

At the end of our consultation I will talk through my findings and make a diagnosis. Where necessary I may refer you for further tests. We will discuss together your personalised health management plan and I will prescribe a tailored herbal remedy.

Follow-up consultations

Follow-up sessions are important to touch base and see how you are responding to the prescribed Herbal Medicine. Changes may be made to the herbs in your prescription or to the dosage recommended. A follow-up session usually last up to 60 minutes and is normally 3-4 weeks after your first consultation. Together we can discussed your health needs and the number of sessions required. In the time between your consultations you can order a repeat prescription over the phone to collect or be posted out to you.

Consultation Fees

Adult initial consultation (90 mins) £50.00
Adult follow-up consultation (60 mins) £37.00

Child initial consultation (90 mins) £40.00
Child follow-up consultation (60 mins) £30.00

Acute/first aid (up to 30 mins) £27.00

Telephone consultation (up to 30 mins) £27.00
(this service is available to existing patients only)

Medicine cost

The prescribed herbal remedy will generally be in the form of a tincture. If required herbal teas, capsules or creams may be recommended.

150ml mixed tincture (2 week supply) £11.00
300ml mixed tincture (3-4 week supply) £20.00